\\ZAKOPANE// i am a skiing learner

zp 01.jpg

I’ve always wanted to learn skiing. I believe this same thought applies to many other Hong Kongers, as we never get a chance to see snow in our own place. Korea or Japan are probably the most popular locations for us to learn and enjoy, but somehow I prefer somewhere more related to and can better out-stand snow. Adding the fact that I am taking good care of my budget, Zakopane, the  winter capital of Poland, is the perfect location for a skiing novice like me for a high CP ratio day course. Continue reading “\\ZAKOPANE// i am a skiing learner”


\\WROCLAW hotel// PURO Hotel

wr 04.jpg

Puro Hotel Wroclaw
Ul. Wlodkowica 6, Wroclaw, 50-072 Poland

I normally won’t pick chain hotel as I usually go for the budget or the stylish ones. PURO, the national chain, is an exception. I could have more budgeted choices but I was attracted by its style by my first glance, and more into it while I go through the details.
Poland is the country I would love to visit again and again, and definitely PURO will be my choice in other cities during the possible next visit. Continue reading “\\WROCLAW hotel// PURO Hotel”

\\BALI Villa// Bali Island Villa & Spa

sem 05.jpg

Bali Island Villa & Spa
Jalan Raya Petitenget 469, Seminyak, Bali

The emphasis on the Bali trip must be the villa. Not shopping. Not eating. Not water-sporting. In Seminyak, I was only looking for a villa with private pool, under an affordable price.
There are really loooots of choices, most are luxury ones. Bali Island VIlla & Spa isn’t a super high-end one (I can’t afford it either~), but it is ideal enough. Continue reading “\\BALI Villa// Bali Island Villa & Spa”