\\BRISBANE// October, jacaranda all over

brisbane 04.jpg

Blossoming season of Jacaranda is in late October, and this is when you can find the lavender-like colored trees in many suburbs and pedals over the ground. Jacaranda is the symbol of arrival of spring time.

brisbane 06.jpg

I’ve been embraced by the romance of purple in both Perth & Brisbane, and I like the later more. It’s not hard at all to spot Jacaranda when its season comes, but there are always a few locations with the best showdown.

I would pick UQ (University of Queensland) in Brisbane. When I was there, it was just the beginning of the season, but it’s already so glamorous that no one can get the sight out from them.

brisbane 05.jpg

In turns of purely appreciation, pictures speak louder than words. Last words I want to say is that you don’t want to miss this season nor miss any purple. If you are in the right season, get ready to walk in purple rain and enjoy a picnic of which phototaking is more vital than the picnic itself!

Ferry: UQ St Lucis ferry terminal
Bus 66 (from Cultural Center Stn, South Bank)


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