\\ZAKOPANE// i am a skiing learner

zp 01.jpg

I’ve always wanted to learn skiing. I believe this same thought applies to many other Hong Kongers, as we never get a chance to see snow in our own place. Korea or Japan are probably the most popular locations for us to learn and enjoy, but somehow I prefer somewhere more related to and can better out-stand snow. Adding the fact that I am taking good care of my budget, Zakopane, the  winter capital of Poland, is the perfect location for a skiing novice like me for a high CP ratio day course.

The school I chose was SKI ZAKOPANE. It offers skiing and snow board courses. There are both 1-day intensive course and lessons to be conducted up to a week.  I picked the former one during my 3-day stay here. All arrangements and communications through e-mail and phone when I arrived was so smooth that we just have to enjoy the course itself.

Ski Zakopane
Quick Start Course:
– pick up & return to hotel
– 3-hour course with tea break
– equipment included, clothings small extra cost.
– pln 340/pp of 2

zp 02.jpg

We were on artificial snow at the beginning, and it was raining so I can say its a sad start. We entered the restaurant for tea break with wet and tired body, and were given a choice whether to end the lesson earlier due to stronger rain. But then both our instructor and us were so surprised and delighted to see real snow commencing. It’s like a dream come true that we could not wait to continue our lesson. However it’s also harder for novice like us to ski on real slippery snow especially during snowing time.

zp 03.jpg

Anyway it’s a story with a twist that we enjoyed the lesson as well as the snow. We played and photoed around after lesson waiting for the return transfer in this winter wonderland.



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