\\BALI Villa// Bali Island Villa & Spa

sem 05.jpg

Bali Island Villa & Spa
Jalan Raya Petitenget 469, Seminyak, Bali

The emphasis on the Bali trip must be the villa. Not shopping. Not eating. Not water-sporting. In Seminyak, I was only looking for a villa with private pool, under an affordable price.
There are really loooots of choices, most are luxury ones. Bali Island VIlla & Spa isn’t a super high-end one (I can’t afford it either~), but it is ideal enough.

sem 06.jpg

facilities ♦♦♦♦♦
Love the pool. Love the huge bathroom. Love the fully facilitated kitchen. Love the breakfast choices. You can find everything you may need in the villa, even the mosquito repellent!

sem 07.jpg

location ♦♦♦♦♦
Entrance at one of the busiest streets in Seminyak. But it is not noisy at all as you need to walk some way to the inside from the street. Free shuttle offered to any Seminyak area unless all cars are occupied.

cleanliness ♦♦♦♦
Interior is clean enough, but not the outside. Pool is well-cleaned every day, but there are obvious marks of rains and ages on outside benched and that on rooftop, which I never want to use.

comfort of bed ♦♦♦♦♦
King size bed, excellent!

my booking
Rp 8,066,852/4 nights @ Booking.com


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