\\BALI// best coffee in Seminyak – Revolver

sem 01.jpg

Being a barista and a coffee-lover, I am in search of good coffee wherever I go to. Indonesia has a high quality production of coffee beans among Asia, so I won’t miss the chance to taste it!

Search online before trip and consulted the hotel owner, REVOLVER is the right place to go. 

Hidden in an alley with an wooden entrance of western american style that one will easily missed, Revolver Express is a boutique specialty cafe with rustic design. They roast and blend their beans on their own in Bali.

sem 02.jpg

Heading upstairs to avoid a shared table (though i really love watching baristas working…), I ordered a cup of cappuccino with house blend beans, and another cup of pour-over of  single origin beans (Ethiopia).

Cappuccino arrived with a nice latte art, which indeed does not represent a good cup of coffee. Yes I do mean a barista with good latte-art skill isn’t always a good coffee-maker, and vice versa. But the appearance of this cup of coffee did also represent its quality. I really love the acidity of the blended beans, which is kinda uneasy to find in Perth.

Pour-over is different to what I used to have in HK. It tasted more like a heated ice-drip than a hand-drip coffee. More complex tastes were involved. I am not picking it, because every pour-over might differ in each places.

Overall, I do very much recommend anyone looking for good coffee to Revolver, than bumping into other fascinating-decorated cafes in Seminyak.

Jl kayu aya / Gang 51, Seminyak – Oberoi, Bali
7am – 6pm



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