\\WROCLAW// dwarf hunting

wr 01.jpg

As the cultural city in Poland, you can visit museums, galleries as well as unique stores with characteristic and dining places of large variety in Wroclaw. However the no.1 activity during the visit here, is to look for all the adorable dwarfs all over the city.

So why are there dwarfs? I am not depicting histories so look up yourself 😛 But it was a social movement to have the first dwarfs being put up for this purpose, but then more came as the reason to bring up the interest. Private shops are making their own dwarfs to grab attentions from, probably, tourists nowadays.

wr 02.jpg

There are maps, online guides, apps etc. available for any dwarf hunters. But for me, the full interest can be retained only when you spot them all by yourselves, without external locators. But of course it doesn’t apply to collectors, as it is quite a mission impossible with no hints at all (for more than 300!!).

Most of them are around the city center and the old town area, which no one will miss out. It’s fun enough to encounter them already. At the beginning it’s easy to spot all the famous and obvious ones. You may also just look for small group of people kneeing down. (Cuz they are probably picturing, just like I did)

wr 03.jpg


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