\\BALI// relaxed in the Fat Turtle, Seminyak

sem 03.jpg

Situated right outside my hotel, I was attracted by both the name “Fat Turtle” and the drawn turtle at the entrance. Kept saying “Let’s try Fat Turtle!” for several times, I finally popped in after my check-out for few hours brunch and waited for my transportation.

Every where is so touristy in Seminyak, in terms of decorations and price, Fat Turtle in fact gave me the same first impression.

We were there in late morning to enjoy our brunch, and the crowds came at lunch time, even occupying the alfresco seats during such a hot day.

sem 04.jpg

Having had breakfast in hotel, we ordered snacks and drink to fill our stomach for the upcoming departure. They offered a wide range of drinks from coffee & tea to milkshakes & smoothies. Food is also of a big variety. Salads, burgers, breakfast combos, pastas etc. We had chicken karage waffle and a serve of green tea churros. I never chose savory waffle before but I do like this combination. Churros are my all-time favourite and I am so glad that it features green tea instead of chocolate which sometimes get overly sweet.

The real impression is, we are quite surprised at the amount we had to pay overall. We estimated it based on our experience in Saminyak, but is quite much lower than we expected. Great cafe to spend time and get full.

The Fat Turtle
Jalan Petitenget 886a, Badung, Bali
8am – 6pm


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