\\KRAKOW// horse carriage ride round the center

kr 01.jpg

I must say, it is one of the top activities to do in Krakow, and one of the best ways to view its center. You won’t miss it when you arrive at the old town as there will be always a team of well-arranged carriages with well-dressed coachmen accompanying each.

kr 02.jpg

Head to old town square.
Pick a carriage you wanna travel with.
(perhaps there’s a queue during summer? I am not sure as there’s none in winter during my visit)
Talk to the coachman for journey info and price.
Officially its €20/30mins .
(hope it’s not increased now or in summer :))
Enjoy your journey and pay afterwards.

kr 03.jpg

Advice: Pick the right time for your journey. Mine was during sunset, which was amazing.

The journey has a fixed route, which will bring you out of the town center and circulate it half the way before heading back. Be feel like prince and princess patrolling the kingdom.



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