\\BALI// relaxed in the Fat Turtle, Seminyak

sem 03.jpg

Situated right outside my hotel, I was attracted by both the name “Fat Turtle” and the drawn turtle at the entrance. Kept saying “Let’s try Fat Turtle!” for several times, I finally popped in after my check-out for few hours brunch and waited for my transportation. Continue reading “\\BALI// relaxed in the Fat Turtle, Seminyak”


\\BALI// best coffee in Seminyak – Revolver

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Being a barista and a coffee-lover, I am in search of good coffee wherever I go to. Indonesia has a high quality production of coffee beans among Asia, so I won’t miss the chance to taste it!

Search online before trip and consulted the hotel owner, REVOLVER is the right place to go.  Continue reading “\\BALI// best coffee in Seminyak – Revolver”