\\HONG KONG// sunset under Tsing Ma Bridge


Some time ago when I was still in Hong Kong, I used to get myself in a short trip every weekend, bringing my camera. I looked for lower-profile places to make sure I won’t bump into crowds.

I used to live in Tuen Mun, the western part of entire Hong Kong, and my job was in the southern part. It normally took me around 1.5 hours on bus to return home during nightfall. Passing the highway every night alongside a harbour, I had the sunset accompanying my journey if I was lucky enough. I was always amazed by the change of colors, from orange to red, purple to blue.

Therefore in one of my short trip, I went to approach this sunset.


What added credit to this sunset was the Tsing Ma Bridge, the longest island connecting bridge for vehicles in HK. So I went to one end of the bridge foot to enlarge its image in the sunset.

Off the minibus, its the HK United Dockyard, and I walked all the way even more inside to the direction of the bridge foot. There’s no other proper way passing through the dockyard’s area except a broken barbed wire, probably made by the 1st explorer 🙂 Walked through that, came a large field of straws and beyond that is the bottom of the bridge foot.


I was quite surprised to see quite a lot of people fishing here. But most of them were leaving since darkness was arriving. There’s not much to do here except waiting for the magic color-changing moment. I was among the last to leave. Kinda creepy here alone without much lights.


Minibus 88M (from Kwai Fong)



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