perth 09.jpg

Hidden Gem
6158 East Fremantle, Perth, Australia

After returning from Rottnest Island, I decided to stay in Fremantle, instead of driving 30 mins back home (it’s not a long way, just being lazy~).
“Hidden Gem” is the official name the owners titled. The reason behind is that this independent 2-storey house situated behind the major townhouse where the owners live in, unnoticeable from the outside street. Besides, I guess no one will deny it as a little gem after entering.
After meeting the owners, I walked through the corridor to arrived at this hidden gem. However, this is a private gate for later in & out.

perth 10.jpg

facilities ♦♦♦♦♦
All equipped kitchen (except oven) and bathroom
Outside garden with bbq facilities ready to be used (kinda old), and a outdoor spa the host will teach you how to enjoy (love it! though not too clean)
Highlight of the house is the foldable stair leading to the upper bedroom with balcony. It’s uneasy to climb up & down but it’s fun for young people, not recommended for elderly or kids.
Lovely balcony I always look forward to in any accommodations.

location ♦♦♦♦
Having a car, I just look for a parking space outside. But the house is not too far from the centre or train station. There is a bus stop nearby. But I would choose somewhere closer to the centre if I have no car.

cleanliness ♦♦♦♦
Good enough, except minor spot in bathroom, and marks deducted for hot spa.

perth 11.jpg

comfort of bed ♦♦♦♦◊
1/3 end of the bed is under an inclined ceiling, but only feet go in so it won’t affect too much unless your legs are too long or they move a lot while sleeping.
Bed is cozy enough.

my booking
AUD 115/night @ airbnb


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