\\BRISBANE HOTEL// Evolution Apartments

brisbane 01.jpg

Evolution Apartments
18 Tank Street, Brisbane CBD, 4000 Brisbane, Australia

I had lived in Brisbane for 4 months. And the stay at Evolution Apartments was a short 3D2N getaway from my hectic work life.
It is the South Bank area I am addicted to with its museumsssss, theater, artificial beach and the free cruise across rivers. That’s why I aimed at getting a room facing the river with my limited budget, so I can enjoy the night view of this favorite part of the city.

brisbane 02.jpg

facilities ♦♦♦♦◊
It’s a studio with balcony overlooking Victoria Bridge and two river sides.
Kitchen facilities more than enough.
Bathroom equipped with washing machine and detergents.

Outdoor swimming pool & sauna with bbq facilities, excellent for those who want to enjoy but personally think it’s not clean enough. Gym room is nice though.
Love the top level lounge. Looks classy and have enjoyed so much time on the billiards.

location ♦♦♦♦♦
10 mins walk to CBD.
No clubs and bars downstairs thus it’s quiet enough.
Footbridge across river to South Bank right outside hotel.

cleanliness ♦♦◊
It LOOKS clean the interior of the room, but indeed not at the details…
Kitchen is fine. Bathroom is a foul: shower room is dusty, so as the washing machine which I refused to use at all.
Balcony is a disaster: Flying cockroaches came out from nowhere  all of a sudden and I never ever wanted to step out to the balcony again. Lucky enough I’ve enjoyed the view for an hour.

brisbane 03

comfort of bed ♦♦♦♦♦
It is extremely comfy for me, just the exact medium level of softness I prefer.

my booking
One-Bedroom Apartment
AUD 270 / 2 nights @ Booking.com


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