\\SYDNEY// love DUGONGs as i do!

perth 09.jpg

In myths and stories, appearance of mermaids are actually indicating DUGONGs. Well…childhood is always fascinating. Mermaids are pretty as of its image created in “The Little Mermaid”. However a “brutal” truth is learnt when you are actually standing in front of this marine mammal, and…where is my mermaid?

Hey don’t be disappointed as the real Dugong is far more lovelier than the fairy-taled mermaids, agree with me pleeeeaaaase!

Head to Sea Life Sydney and you will have to chance to meet PIG & WURU under a glass tunnel or watch their feeding show above water level. They actually keep eating from time to time, at least for my hour spent with them. Staff fed lettuce down to water, and scooped the uneaten up. Lettuce lettuce lettuce…its only lettuce needed to satisfy them.

sydney 02.jpg

In my opinion, the visit of Sea Life Sydney became worthy enough with PIG & WURU, cuz they made my day and I even bought a dugong hand puppet. However the rest of this famous aquarium, to me, doesn’t worth the price and the queue.

Train: short walk from Town Hall or Wynyard stations
On foot: 20 mins walk from Circular Quay

If you plan to visit multi attractions with flexibility on time, it is highly recommended to purchase the combo pass, of which you can freely choose 2/3 or 4 among all 5 attractions to visit within 30 days.
$60/70/80 for 2/3/4 attractions

FYI, single fixed time slot ticket bought online can be as cheap as $29.4. So plan ahead for your interested attractions unless you don’t care much on saving money.



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