\\PERTH// overlooking Indian Ocean at Hillarys Boat Harbour

perth 06.jpg

Hillarys Boat Harbour is the first off-city spot I went to, just after 5 days I arrived in Perth. The manager of the restaurant I worked at recommended me this stunning place for my half-day hangout. I always love the sky, love the ocean, and she pocketed me with this place which didn’t let me down at all!

Without private transport, arriving at this place will definitely cost you extra time (details at the end). Off the bus to enter, what comes to your sight first will be the artificial beach (I called it a beach instead of a pool in view of the sand). I was so lucky to encounter a sand sculpture artist who are completing  his work.

Camera lifted. Focus adjusted. Then hesitating if I could take the picture freely since no one else seems to be as interested as me.

“Hey where are you from?” the questions was thrown at me amidst my hesitation, from the artist. And he gestured me that I am more than welcomed to picture his work.

perth 07.jpg

The beach ; water-sporting crowd ; the yachts; the orange triangular roofed shops: create a scenery fascinating me in no time and at all times. And this is enough for me to spend my day here.

But indeed there are a lot more in Hillarys Boast Harbour, namely:
– AQWA (The Aquarium of West Australia)
– Sorrento Quay, with all retails and restaurants
– Fishing, Diving & Whale Watching tours
Head to http://hillarysboatharbour.com.au for more info.

perth 08.jpg

Bus 423 (Stirling Stn <> Warwick Stn, via Hillarys Boat Harbour)
Take the train to one of these stations and change to bus.


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