\\PERTH// get to see QUOKKA in Rottnest!

perth 03

Search “QUOKKA”.
They are one of the most adorable furry little creatures which are unfearful of human, and can see them with a “smile” on face!

Rottnest Island, situated west of Perth, of which the name actually means ” Rat Nest” in Dutch. It’s a touristy yet beautiful relaxing island perfect for either a day-trip or a night’s stay.

There are dozens of activities you may enjoy on Rottnest, hiking / biking / cruising / swimming / snorkeling etc… Searching for the sight of quokkas and taking selfies with them are still the no.1 activity to do.

perth 04

For me, I am ONLY for quokkas in my day-trip there. No water activities. Not even biking. Quokkas are the only reason I endure the torture of the return ferries to come over (will talk about that~). Failed to take selfies with them, but anyway they are just damn too cute. I struggled for a few hours finding where they are hiding before I met almost 10 of them in a woodland besides a golf course not far from the market place.

I heard that at night, quokkas are more frequently seen, more than human. In daytime, you may need some luck to encounter them.

perth 05.jpg

Let’s get back to the ferries. Well just after the departure, the first thing crew members did is to distribute vomiting bags… I guess I am clear enough with it now. Not to mention the waves and how glittering the ferry is. Don’t overestimate yourself. Get prepared.

book your ferry tickets here: https://www.rottnestexpress.com.au/


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