\\PERTH// Blue Boat House – where I love most in Perth city

perth 01

Been staying in Perth for the 2nd year, travelled to quite few places and HERE is still my favourite!

It’s a little gem, renowned but not popularly visited. Some might probably missed it on their way south from CBD.

I call it “The Lake House” (which always reminds me of my all-time-love movie by Keanu Reeves). But the real name should be Blue Boat House.

You can go to this landmark of Swan River anytime of the day, while there might be a small crowd during sunset. If you are lucky enough, pictures can be taken with ONLY you and your friends, after a queue. In other words, visitors might be queuing for individual photos one by one, so you can enjoy your own time with the house.

Anyway the jolting wooden bride to it is unable to hold many people, though I believe its save as its renovated a few years ago. It a balancing game trying to access to the house front on your own.

perth 02.jpg

Bus 950 (Daily / Morley <> QEII, via Elizabeth Quay)
Bus 102 (M-F/ Elizabeth Quay <> Fremantle)


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